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Blank Canvas

Continuing the process of decorating the walls in our new apartment, the next spot on my list is the master bedroom, where the space over our bed is (quite literally) a blank canvas. And while I’d like to think I will get around to painting something on that blank canvas, considering that it was hanging on the wall in our old apartment for over 2 years, I’m not holding my breath.

Instead, I’ve started to look around for fun artwork that I might be able to fill the space with, and found a number of interesting options in the Minted Art Marketplace. I love that they have such a wide variety of art prints from artists all over the world, although it does make it tough to narrow down the choices:

Minted Art Prints1) The Final Wave by Matthew Simpson: In addition to being drawn to the blue and gold colors in this photograph, I particularly like the fact that it was taken on a beach in San Diego not far from where I grew up.

2) Shattered Series Rift by Jennifer Morehead: I’m always drawn to more geometric patterns like this, and really like the varying shades of coral that make up the pieces of the heart.

3) Let’s Get Lost by Sam Dubeau: I’m a sucker for hand-drawn typography as well, and love the sentiment of this piece. If I don’t end up putting this over the bed, I would love to put it somewhere else in the house.

4) Hexagon With Dots In Blue by Yao Cheng: I think the tones of the watercolor in this print are really beautiful, and I like how the kind of mustard-y yellow tone fits in with the print of our duvet. I would ideally want to pair this print with another painted piece, but haven’t been able to find anything yet that really fits with it.

5) Marbled Wake by SylvieCeres Designs (left) and California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari (right): I love the colors in both these prints, and I think they would make a great pairing placed side-by-side. The remind me of the beach and summer, which are two things that I wouldn’t mind waking up to each morning.

Decisions, decisions…which would you choose?

— Disclosure —
I received a site credit from Minted.com as compensation for this post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

2 thoughts on “home decor // bedroom wall art

  1. Love these!! Especially since I’m trying to find something to go above my bed as well! What about a collage of a few of them? Like 1, 3 and 5? 🙂

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